Bibamba Dark Chocolate with Sweet Plantains


This chocolate is so delicious, we had to bring it to you! Because jewelry and chocolate... so obvious. No, but seriously. Eat it, gift it, put it on your charcuterie board. This is the true secret to making friends.

Dark chocolate bark with sweet plantain chips. Our chocolate products are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan.

  • Bean Type: Trinitario
  • Bean Origin: Cameroon
  • Chocolate: 60%
  • Major Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, and plantain crisps cooked with vegetable oil
  • Minor Ingredients: Cocoa butter and a hint of vanilla bean

You can feel great about supporting this Colorado based Female and Black Owned small business. They own and operate a cocoa and plantain farm in the Center province of Cameroon as well as a coffee farm in Cameroon’s Northwestern province and support their employees and their communities with education, sustainable farming and fair wages.

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