Forever Jewelry


Agapantha Forever Jewelry is permanent 14KT gold, sterling silver or 14k gold fill chain that is welded closed around your body as a bracelet or anklet. Hate taking your jewelry on and off? Now you don't have to! We have a gorgeous selection of chains and charms for you to choose from to create your own special, custom piece. It is painless (you'll literally feel nothing) and there's no clasp, making it permanent (or until it's not). Grab your loved ones and get Forever-ed together! Get one because it's beautiful, get one to remember someone special, to celebrate a special occasion (this makes a great bridesmaids gift/event), or to commemorate your connection with someone special. 

*If you must remove it, you can cut it at the connecting jump ring and we'll weld that baby back on you.

DM @agapanthajewelry, email or call/text 917-796-4964 to make your appt.

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