TEAM AGAPANTHA - Jojo, Krystal and Dani


Agapantha is delicate, modern, layering jewelry designed by founder Dani Paquin. Hand crafted in Los Angeles and carried in an ever-growing number of boutiques throughout the US (and select international locations), Agapantha’s collections pay homage to inspiring women in Dani’s life. Renowned for a simple sophistication and wear-it-anywhere confidence, Agapantha has been featured in O Magazine, Lucky, Time Out, In Style, and many other publications. Perhaps what sets Agapantha apart, however, is something intangible. Something more personal. Agapantha is as much a feeling as it is a ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace. As Dani describes, “As a touring musician, I learned the best shows were about the connection I made with the audience—as a whole and as individuals. I wanted everyone who bought a ticket to my shows to feel like I was playing for them. Agapantha is an extension of that. I want everyone who wears one of these pieces to feel like I made it for them, personally. Perhaps this is difficult to explain, but I want each piece to be like a song. A memory. A moment. A mark in time. Something that lasts.”
Designer Dani Paquin founded Agapantha jewelry on a dusty road somewhere in the United States. Sometime in 2004, while touring the country with her guitar, she started designing jewelry. She created pieces that were like the best lyrics—simple, clean, and undeniably relatable. Back in Brooklyn and between tours, she worked assembling jewelry for other designers until the moment came when knew she had to bring her own designs to life. No more covers. Only originals. And so Agapantha was born. No longer would Dani tour the world with a guitar case, but instead, with jewelry cases filled with her delicate, hand-made creations. Dani and Agapantha HQ are now in Torrance, CA (her hometown), where she is raising a teenager, thrift shopping with a passion...and ever so occasionally hopping on stage very low-key karaoke style.