Agapantha's delicate, modern jewelry is carried in dozens of boutiques in the US and Internationally and is growing by the minute. O Magazine, Lucky, Time Out, In Style and many more have hopped on board. Oh, and the name Agapantha you ask? It was the first flower Dani's mom and grandma taught her how to say. She pays homage to them and all the inspirational women in her life by naming each collection after someone special. All you have to do is put a piece on, and whether it’s named after you or not, you’ll feel special too!



Designer Dani Paquin founded Agapantha jewelry on a dusty road somewhere in the United States sometime in 2004. She wishes she could be more specific, but she was out touring the country with her guitar and she just can't be sure. Back in Brooklyn, between tours she worked assembling jewelry for other designers until the moment came when knew she had to bring her own designs to life. And so Agapantha was born and an important artistic shift was made. No longer would she tour the world with her music, but instead, with trays filled with her delicate hand-made jewelry. Fast forward to the present - Dani and Agapantha HQ are now in Los Angeles (her hometown) where she is raising her son, doing triathlons and ever so occasionally hopping on stage and performing with her musician husband. 

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