How to Measure Your Toe Ring Size

We all love beautiful, shiny rings.  But what happens when you find one online and don't know your size??
Have no fear, at-home measuring is here!  Figure out your size and get to work on that stack, baby!

This is all you need:
1) A piece of paper
2) Scissors
3) A tape measure or ruler
4) A pen

This is all you need to do:
1) Cut a long, thin strip of paper or string
2) Wrap the end of the paper around the base of your toe
3) Mark where the ends meets
4) Flatten the paper and measure in inches from the end to the mark, compare to the size chart here...

Oh hey, there's another option! 
We can send you a plastic ring sizer for free.  Just send us your info and we'll get right on it!